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The first and most important step in becoming compliant is a Risk Assessment. We will prospectively review provider documentation and coding to verify the accuracy and appropriateness of CPT and ICD-9 codes used for billing, including usage of modifiers and unbundled services. We will analyze this information and provide a report, identifying what the practice is doing right and wrong with appropriate follow-up education.


This service involves a review of encounter forms, general office forms, and policies and procedures being used by the practice with recommendations for changes, additions, or deletions. Practice billing issues are addressed by reviewing the use of modifiers, reviewing the Charge Master, and providing education on billable diagnoses, working denials, ABN usage, medical necessity, routine waivers, demographic intake procedures and the importance of office communication.


MedComp will provide an assessment of your office operations with an overall review of patient flow from "check in" to "check out." We review job descriptions, analyze staffing needs and assess staff roles. We also address demographic intake, appointment scheduling systems, communication and overall utilization of office space. A summary report of findings and recommendations is also provided.


Developing and implementing compliance policies is an integral part of many of the services MedComp offers. Policies created or revised by MedComp professionals combine regulatory knowledge with specific information about the practice to ensure that implementation can occur, and is reasonable and appropriate to the client's operations.


This important phase is based on the results of the Risk Assessment and consists of either developing a written Compliance Plan or reviewing your existing plan. Implementation of a Compliance Program would include identifying key components for a viable corrective action plan, developing and implementing preventative measures, and identifying and defining Compliance Committee members' roles. We provide guidance in creating a reporting system to receive complaints, and developing policies and procedures for investigating, monitoring and following-up identified (potential) problems. We also provide education for staff and physicians on the importance and key functions of the Compliance Program.



Your practice can outsource the Compliance Officer function to MedComp, avoiding the time and expense of training an employee to perform this function. The Compliance Officer will attend Compliance Committee meetings, help direct the practice's compliance efforts, and will advise on coding and compliance issues.



The first step in becoming compliant with HIPAA's Privacy Rule is a gap assessment to determine your current level of HIPAA readiness. MedComp examines all systems, policies, procedures, and practices relative to HIPAA's privacy requirements. The results combined with your business and financial plans will then allow your practice to begin to develop its own HIPAA compliance objectives, priorities and, implementation plan.



In accordance with HIPAA's Standards for the Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, your practice can outsource the Privacy Officer function to MedComp, avoiding the time and expense of training an employee to perform this function. We also provide a hotline for anonymous and confidential reporting of suspected privacy violations. MedComp professionals will provide advice on confidentiality and privacy matters.



This phase is based on the results of a privacy gap assessment and/or the review of an existing plan. A written HIPAA privacy compliance plan is created and/or revised and then implemented to bring the practice into compliance with HIPAA's Privacy Rule. MedComp will also provide education for staff and physicians on the practice's privacy policies and procedures that were developed and/or revised as part of the privacy compliance program.



In addition to HIPAA privacy services, MedComp offers a Security Assessment to facilitate with implementation of the Security Rule's many requirements. The assessment carefully compares the practice's current level of security with the requirements of the Security Rule. Areas of deficiency identified by the assessment can then be prioritized and incorporated into a plan for compliance.



MedComp can provide education sessions related to proper documentation and coding practices as a stand alone service or in direct relation to a billing and coding assessment. Trainees will receive information on current standards and expectations for documentation and utilization of accurate codes for billing purposes.



We offer clinical and administrative staff education sessions that focus on general compliance issues and updated regulations that may affect your practice. In addition, we can customize a seminar to meet a particular need you feel may benefit your practice.



MedComp can develop or revise your fee schedule using current RBRVS methodology to ensure competitive pricing based on your market area.



This service offers one-on-one "on-the-job" assessment of provider (E&M) documentation with appropriate education to ensure that work effort is being properly documented.


The professionals at MedComp are available to speak to groups of any size on various compliance related topics including HIPAA, General Health Care Compliance, and Coding.

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