Why Compliance?
With increasing frequency, the government is finding fault with billing and coding practices, often costing physicians thousands of dollars in overpayments, interest and penalties. The news media abounds with stories of physicians being sued, or criminally indicted, for allegedly committing fraud, waste or abuse. Recoveries in the millions of dollars are being received by whistleblowers in qui tam actions, which encourage new whistleblowers seeking a quick payoff. Commercial payers are now following the government's lead and conducting billing audits and, after applying the same rules as Medicare, including extrapolation, are seeking substantial repayments from physician practices.

Why MedComp Alliance, LLC?
MedComp Alliance, LLC has assembled a diverse and highly qualified team of professionals with a proven track record in health care compliance. Led by Ann Curran, Esq. focusing on audit, reimbursement, operations, and compliance, MedComp Alliance is staffed with experts in billing, information systems, practice management, and clinical operations.

MedComp Staff


MedComp Alliance CEO Ann Curran , J.D., CPC is a specialist in translating complex regulatory requirements into practical compliance advice and programs. Ann's knowledge of the legal realm is particulary useful as federal authorities make prosecution of health care fraud a top priority, conducting more investigations of physicians than ever. Ann also works with clients to provide numerous other services including risk assessments, coding education, operational assessments, and general practice management advice. She also speaks regularly at health care industry seminars on the topics of HIPAA and regulatory compliance.

Ann is a member of the New York State Bar Association (Health Law Section), the American Academy of Professional Coders, the American Health Lawyers Association and the Medical Group Management Association.


Senior Compliance Consultant

Senior Compliance Consultant Joy Jarvis, RN, CPC, adds more than 30 years of health care experience to MedComp. She has worked as a nurse, practice manager and clinical coordinator in a variety of settings. Her extensive knowledge of the health care industry brings balance to the compliance approach. Joy gives each client that she works with a thorough and comprehensive operational analysis, which she in turn uses to develop appropriate implementation plans for compliance. Additionally, Joy uses her natural speaking talents to educate clients and their staff members on topics including HIPAA, coding, and many other compliance issues. She also speaks regularly at health care industry seminars and conventions.


Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant Mary Ann Wiszniewski is an expert in capturing the compliance needs of clients and translating them into tangible objectives for MedComp's consultants to utilize in the delivery of services. Mary Ann's pleasant demeanor and flexible approach in the preparation of proposals for clients makes working with her a comfortable and productive experience.

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